....Our History....

Presently our school is famous as D.S.Senanayake National school. But the beginning and evolution of the school is a nice story.

In 1946 about 70000 electorates were separated and a new electorial division was created and named as Mirigama. This division was created and named as Mirigama. This division was created combining Godagaha region of Aluthkuru korale. In this new electorate there wasn't a single school which provided education above Senior level. Many elites sent their children to schools in Negombo , colombo ,Kandy or Kurunegala schools.

In such a background Buddhist religious leaders and Buddhist Associations of Mirigama requested the prime Minister to give a higher educational institute to the Mirigama electorate. As a native of Mirigama it was not a difficult task for prime Minister D.S.Senanayake to provide a school for his village.

On 1st of Feb 1947 at the premises of Bolingual Boys school this new school was started. The education department appointed K.A.Pagnarathna as the head of school. Currently the Hapitigama Training college is situated at this place. In the meantime government bought 27 acres from Mudliyar Dahanaayaka's coconut estate and laid on 18th of February 1951 by the honorable D.S.Senanayake. All the necessities were supplemented to construct a complete school school with all the facilities. Unfortunately on 23rd march 1952 the sudden death the first PM was announced this tragedy affected the construction of the school premises.

However the education Ministry mediated and appointed F.D.Wijesinghe a veteran sportsman and teacher of Royal College as the head of school. At the beginning the school was known as Mirigama College and it was an English medium school. During that time academic staff was 25 and 600 students were there.

The school first became a maha Vidyalaya and in 1959 a central college. As a tribute to the founder D. S. Senanayaka the school was named after him.

During the 50s the school was developed as a complete secondary school with classes from grade 6 to A/Ls in science , commerce and ART streams during the sixties the school ground pavilion and other buildings were constructed. In 1987 this school became a cluster school supporting 14 small schools. Former principals H.Welikanna ,Ariyarathna Jayathilaka , W.R.Karunarathna , were the pioneers who toiled for the development of the school.8th Mahapohala Celebration was held at D.S.Senanayaka National school in 1988 and parallel to this event the entrance bridge and other development activities were performed led by former minister of Livestock Development and Dairy products Mr.Mahendra wijerathna.

Thus Mirigama D.S.Senanayake National school posses a proud history and is currently a famous school not only in the region but throughout the country. The school produces lot of educated veteran people to mother Sri Lanka.

sir ds