Message From The Principal....


Information technology is Spreading throughout the world enabling us to get news of any corner of the world within a touch of a finger tip. The current knowledge is accesssible to the whole world through information technology. Not only that the social , economic and political developments, even the daily chores of people, every minute thing in the world is affected by the development of information technology.

One of the programmes in the school activity calender for 2016 is to promote skills in information technology. With this aim the school web site is to be developed with modern innovations and current updated news of the school. parallel to the school exhibition on February 18 the launching of the school web site is a great achievement of the school IT section Through the facts included in this site and news of the school will be available for the public.

Also the well wishers and philanthropists can show the patronage and sponsorship for school activities through this novel medium.

I wish success and strength for the IT Unit and hope the new web site will be update and maintained well.